Shikishi 7

フィヨルドは霧の中なる山動く             八木 三日女

fiyorudo wa kiri no naka naru yama ugoku                      Yagi Mikajo

fiord in the mist — a mountain moves


“A mountain moves” is taken from Yosano Akiko’s poem “The Day When a Mountain Moves,” published in volume I of the first Japanese feminist journal Seitô [Bluestockings]. In 1986, the first female prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland (1939 -), became interested in Yosano Akiko, as the Japanese representative had previously quoted from her poetry “The Day When a Mountain Moves” at the 1985 UN Conference on Women. As a result of these events, Yagi Mikajo visited Norway. This haiku was presented by her to the Minister of Education and Church Affairs, Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl (1943-), who visited Sakai City on October 27, 1986.