Gendai Haiku

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Gendai haiku is modern Japanese haiku. These pages represent selections from video interviews and translations of haiku criticism & poetry of six contemporary haiku poets (gendai haijin), now living in Japan. Contemporary senryû gendai senryû) is also represented. These interviews have been conducted between August 2006 – August 2007.

The Disjunctive Dragonfly
A New Approach to
English-language Haiku, 2013
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Research supported by a the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research and the Japan Ministry of Education (MEXT), Kakenhi 18520439 (2006-07),  Kakenhi  21520579 (2009-11).

Richard Gilbert, Ph.D
Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University

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